Mountain Flying

Mountain flying ~ opens up new opportunities for the general aviation pilot for unique and interesting destinations, plus a view of spectacular scenery. However, mountain flying, even more so than flight in the flatlands, is very unforgiving of poor training and planning.

There is a narrow window of safety that an untrained pilot can easily stray out of without the experience and knowledge gained from a recognized training program and a mountain checkout by a qualified mountain flight instructor.

All training will be conducted at Lucerne Valley dry lakes, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Airport located approx. 40-50nm north-east of Chino Airport.

The dry lakes in Lucerne Valley are used to develope your cross-wind component for Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear airports. Dry lakes allow landings and takeoffs from any direction into the wind.

Lake Arrowhead Airport is a privately owned dirt (D.G.) 3,200′ runway at 4,750’msl with mountains in all quadrants. The runway is also used one-way, land to the east and depart to the west. Cross-wind component can exceed 20 kts in the afternoons (see video below). Density altitude can easily reach 8,000′. The identifier is 2NC8.

Big Bear Airport is a county owned paved 5,850′ runway at 6,750’msl with mountains in all quadrants. Density altitude can easily reach 10,000′.
The identifier is L35.

The following items are offered during the course

which take approx. 6-7 hrs. to complete

(3hrs. flying and 3hrs. of ground school)

Visibility Requirements

Weather Requirements/Ceiling Requirements

Winds/Winds Aloft Reports

IFR and Night Mountain Flights

Density Altitude

High and Low Pressure Patterns

Mountain Wave

Winds Through Passes

Orographic Lifting


Temperature Inversions

Effects on the Airplane

Effects on Performance

Takeoff/Climb/Descent/Approach and Landing

Ridge and Pass Crossing

Enroute Considerations

Emergency Proceedures

Survival Equipment/Survival After Landing

Oxygen Use

Deteriorating Weather Enroute

Engine Failure

This course is offered at $495

(Includes: Aircraft, flight instruction, ground school & lunch in the mountains).