Instructors Staff

All of our instructors at DuBois Aviation are experienced, high time employees. In fact, we have over 15,000 hours between us… We all work as a team to complete your flight training.

Lou DuBois, CFI/CFII/MEI 7500hrs. TT, 4500hrs. dual with students.

Jacob, CFI/MEI 800hrs. total time, 400hrs. dual with students.

Charles, CFI/CFII 1700hrs. total time, 1300hrs dual with students

Cody, CFI 1000hrs. total time, 700hrs. dual with students.

Suhail, CFI/CFII 600hrs. total time, 250hrs. dual with students.

Chris, CFI/MEI 5000hrs. total time, 500hrs. dual with students.

Romax, CFI/CFII 600hrs. total time, 150hrs. dual with students.

Doug, CFI 2500 total time, 200 hrs. with students

John, CFI 400 total time, 50 hrs. with students

Reggie, A&P Mechanic

Tiffinay, dispatcher/front office

Adriana, dispatcher/front office

Cathy Jameson, dispatcher/office

Junsong, aircraft washing, hanger maintenance

Scott, aircraft washing, hanger maintenance

Henry 75hrs. (in the back seat).

Du Bois Aviation would like to thank our former flight instructors and employees listed below for their service. Instructors at Du Bois Aviation are challenged on a daily basis as they strive to teach.
The skills gained at Du Bois Aviation prepare you for that “Airline Interview” and many other aviation careers.
We will miss them and wish them the best of luck in their new career.

Colin was a great instructor, now flying Lear 50’s (see below)

Lear 50

Henry was our best helicopter instructor. He is now instructing for another school.

Brandin was one of our best flight instructors. He is now flying Beech 99’s for cargo (see below).

Cessna 206

Cory Carnahan now flying Beech 99’s for cargo

Beech 99

Ryan now flying Cessna 206’s for charter

Aero Commander 690

Jeff Boyon is now flying Gulfstreams

Gulfstream aircraft


Mike Descalzo hired by Republic Airlines flying 175’s

Embraer 175

Daniella was a great asset for DuBois Aviation and we wish her luck in her next avaition career.


Kevin Heatherton was a great employee that decided to join the Airforce. We wish him well…

Martin Rodriguez hired by Hanson Helicopters. Martin will be flying a Hughes 500C (see below).

Hughes 500C chasing Tuna in Quam.


Pat Sullivan hired by Republic Airlines. Pat will be flying a Embraer 170/190 (see below).

Embraer 170

Steven was a great instructor but choose a different career path in IT (information tech)


Rick Harter hired to fly meat missles to 14K. Rick is flying a PAC 750 (see below).

PAC 750

Jared Carey hired by ExpressJet. Jared is flying Embraer Regional Jets (see below).


ExpressJet Regional

Lance McGee hired by American Eagle. Lance is flying Canada Air Regional Jets (see below).

American Eagle CRJ


Trey is now a commissioned officer and is flying C-130 aircraft (see below).

C-130 Hercules

Wilsam Cheung hired by Air Wisconsin. Wilsam is flying Canada Air Regional Jets (see below).


Air Winconsin CRJ


Matthew Boyko is now flying a Turbo Commander 690