About Us

My first name is Louie (Lou). I have been around airplanes and Chino Airport since the age of five (since 1968). My late Grandfather and father were/are both pilots. My aviation interests did not peak until my later years. However, I do remember arguing with my father at the age of ten, who was going to fly…him or I.

My professional experience ended up landing in the U.S. Semiconducor Industry for about 17 years until the Chinese got smart around 2001. A few years previous to that I started flight training. I then decided to leave manufacturing and pursue a service job, become a pilot…

Not Easy….But it can be done.

Starting a new career at any age is not easy, but it can be done. I went into this adventure with NO interest in the airlines. There are hundred’s of non-airline carrier’s out there…It takes hard work and a bit of luck…I got lucky.

I met the right people, the right instructor, the right flight school and took off from there. I received my instrument rating late in 2001, my commercial and CFI in 2002 and then started instructing full time at a flight school. I received my MEL commercial early in 2003, CFII in early 2004, and MEI in 2008. I started flying corporate in 2005, and still do…

I have since been flight instructing for ten years and referred over 100 students to examiners. I have logged over 6,000hrs. total time including 3,600hrs. dual with students, in over 50 types of aircraft.

Our goal at Du Bois Aviation is to teach you to fly SAFE and SMART….You will become intimate with the aircraft, know it’s good and bad habits, fly and fly, study and study more… then when you and I know your ready, you will solo the aircraft (by yourself).

You will then learn to navigate and fly all over Southern California. Then, once you have met the practical test standards, a checkride will be scheduled for your Private Pilot certificate or Instrument rating.

The aircraft in the DuBois Aviation Logo…

The aircraft in the Logo is a Mooney M20. The aircraft was my father’s. Mooney’s are fast, sleek and handle like sport cars. I was lucky enough to complete my Instrument thru Flight Instructor ratings in this aircraft (examiners didn’t know what to do..). If it wasn’t for my father, my loving wife and this aircraft, I would not be here today. Thanks, Dad…..